Anycast DNS – Definition and Advantages

Anycast DNS – Definition

Anycast DNS is a form of communication or routing technology that allows you to send and receive data quickly. One IP address can be entered into several DNS servers around the world using this method. Any of them has the ability to respond to the request, usually that is the nearest server to the user’s location. This significantly speeds up the response time (DNS resolution).

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Most important DNS terms for easy management of your domain name

These DNS terms will help you understand better how the entire system works. That way, you could easily manage your domain name. So, let’s get started!


The Domain Name System or shortly DNS is a decentralized naming system built in a hierarchical order. It is commonly compared to a phone book of the Internet. Thanks to it, we are not required to remember all of the long and challenging IP addresses. Instead, we use the domain names. The Domain Name System (DNS) does that translation for us.  

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS is a beneficial and very handy service. It automatically updates your IP address whenever it has changed. Oftentimes the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) replace your IP address with another one. That is their way to simplify the management of their extensive networks. Therefore if you have, for instance, CCTV cameras for surveillance, it will be a great idea to implement Dynamic DNS, and you should not worry every time your IP address gets modified.

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Enterprise DNS – Definition and Details

Enterprise DNS provides a lot of great possibilities and opportunities for international businesses. So let’s explain a little bit more about it!

What is DNS? 

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a decentralized naming system built in a strict hierarchical order. Its purpose is to connect the domain names with their IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6). Thanks to the DNS, it is possible to identify a precise host on the Internet.

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