4 great Enterprise DNS providers to choose from

Here is a list containing some excellent Enterprise DNS providers. It is going to help you choose the best one for you! So, let’s check them out! 

Enterprise DNS explained

Enterprise DNS is offered by DNS hosting providers, usually for large corporations, which require a lot more resources than smaller businesses. 

It is actually a very useful and powerful service that resolves external and internal requests for corporations. In addition, of course, it is centrally managed and automatable, which makes it very efficient and secure. 

These large companies are demanding a robust and reliable DNS architecture that is able to provide 100% uptime, redundancy, great speed, and excellent security.

Enterprise DNS providers are capable of providing a service that satisfies all of these needs. In addition, they offer various further features for the different large organizations. The majority of them are multinational, and they have a lot of different departments. For that reason, they often need many modifications to the DNS data (DNS records), or are frequently involving brand new technologies and configurations to their network.


Without a doubt, easyDNS is a great DNS hosting provider. It is well-known and offers many great plans, features, and an easy Control Panel. The Enterprise DNS plan of easyDNS starts from $152.49/year. It includes the following features:

  • 5 million Queries Monthly
  • 26 Nameservers/PoPs
  • 4 Anycast DNS Clouds
  • 25 easyMail Mailboxes
  • Phone & Email Support
  • 24/7 Off-hours Support
  • 30-day Free trial


ClouDNS is an excellent DNS hosting provider with 34 PoPs placed in many different geographical locations. In addition, it provides outstanding features and can offer plans depending on your needs, plus custom ones. The DDoS Protected L plan of ClouDNS starts from $39.95/month. The features it offers are the following:

  • DDoS protection for DNS
  • 4 Anycast DNS servers
  • 400 DNS zones (Primary DNS zone, Backup DNS zone, Reverse DNS zone, etc)
  • 20,000 DNS Records
  • Unlimited queries per month
  • 3 DNS Failover check
  • 1000 Mail forwards
  • DNSSEC for Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS
  • All extended Features
  • 30-day Free trial


Another one in our list of great Enterprise DNS providers is DNSimple. The Business plan of DNSimple starts from $300/month. The features it offers are the following:

  • Includes 5 domains.
  • Anycast DNS
  • Unlimited DNS records
  • Unlimited DNS queries
  • Priority support
  • DDoS protection
  • Vanity Name servers
  • 100% SLA
  • 30-day Free trial


DNSmadeeasy offers several pricing plans that could suit different business types and sizes. For the Enterprise DNS plan of DNSmadeeasy, you should ask for a personal offer. However, here are some of the main features that it includes are the following:

  • White-Glove Migration
  • 24/7 Live Phone Support
  • Live Video Support
  • Personal Account Team
  • Team Slack Channel
  • Ideal for >500 Domains
  • >100M Queries/month
  • InfoSec Questionnaires
  • Custom Analytics
  • Feature Requests
  • Bulk Pricing Available
  • Personalized Reporting


All of these Enterprise DNS providers are a great choice for large businesses. They are going to meet all of the various requirements for reliable large DNS networks. So make sure to check them out and pick the one which is going to provide all of the features you need.

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