Anycast DNS – Definition and Advantages

Anycast DNS – Definition

Anycast DNS is a form of communication or routing technology that allows you to send and receive data quickly. One IP address can be entered into several DNS servers around the world using this method. Any of them has the ability to respond to the request, usually that is the nearest server to the user’s location. This significantly speeds up the response time (DNS resolution).

Why should you use Anycast DNS?

When a device connects to the Internet, it communicates with a server using its IP address. This occurs in the most basic form of communication, which is one-to-one. This is fine, and DNS resolution may work, but if only one server has the data (A record or AAAA record) to respond and it is far away, some requests will have to travel long distances to reach it. If the server is unavailable, the user will not receive the expected response. No one will respond to the inquiry.

What are the Advantages of using it?

There are many benefits, some of which are: 

  • Simple to set up – you just need to configure it on one server. Furthermore, such adjustments can be applied across the entire network.
  • Improved response time – The response time is improved by directing to the nearest accessible DNS server.
  • DNS Dependability – Using Anycast, you can improve DNS reliability by setting up many servers in different places with the same IP address. As a result of the DNS servers’ redundancy, the service is more highly available and reliable.
  • DDoS protection – If a DDoS assault occurs, only a portion of the Anycast DNS group of servers will be affected.

How to setup Аnycast DNS server?

Yes, you can build your own Anycast network, but it isn’t easy to implement and can be extremely time-consuming. Therefore, the best solution is to look for a DNS hosting provider that offers this service. This will save you a lot of time and money. 

When is it necessary to use it?

If you have a website, service, or app, you most likely want it to be reliable and fast in every location. Nobody wants unhappy clients. With Anycast DNS, you can get exceptional performance in a variety of locations and effectively manage traffic. Better network performance leads to happier customers, which in turn leads to higher sales.

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Anycast DNS is definitely worth a shot! One mechanism with several advantages for improving the performance of your website.

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