Why is the A record fundamental?

The topic of this article is the purpose of A record. First, we will explain the definition behind the abbreviation, its structure, and how to check it. So, let’s start.

A record: Definition 

DNS A record is a piece of information that we frequently seek. It’s a straightforward message that displays the domain name and its location. The location is an IP address that indicates the physical location of the computer that contains the data.

Why do you need an A record?

When you request a site like dns-enterprise.com, your browser must locate it in order to get a response because it does not know it by default.

It will begin searching for it by going to the nearest servers, such as your internet provider’s servers. If they don’t know the address, they’ll keep looking and looking.

Structure of A record

Several pieces of information are contained within the A record. The following are some of them:

  • Host: dns-enterprise.com
  • Type: А record
  • To: This must be the IPv4 address of the previously mentioned host., for example. 
  • TTL: This is the DNS record’s time-to-live, expressed in seconds. It establishes how long the information is valid before a new query is required.

How to check it?

It is really easy and straightforward to do. Depending on the Operating System you are using, there are different ways.

  • macOS and Linux

If you are a user of one of these Operating Systems, you can use the dig command to check the A record. Open the Terminal application and type the following command: 

dig dns-enterprise.com

It will provide you with a variety of helpful information, but the domain name (FQDN), current TTL, and IP address can all be found in the answer/result area.

In addition, replace the dns-enterprise.com with the domain name you want to check.

  • Windows

If you are a Windows user, you will use the nslookup command. By pressing “Windows key + R,” open the Command Prompt, and type “cmd” into the Run box. It will open if you press the Enter key.

Write the following at the Command Prompt:

dns-enterprise.com nslookup

You’ll get the domain’s A record, which includes the IPv4 address and TTL value.

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In a nutshell, an A record is a DNS file that defines the server where your domain is hosted. To put it in another way, A record is a mapping between a domain name and an IP address (IPv4). We can’t find something unless we know where it is, and the A DNS record aids us in this endeavor. So, we can agree that this DNS record type is absolutely fundamental and essential for your Domain Name System. 

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